Industry Tours

Synthetic Biology is a new and growing industry based on the mission to make biology easier to engineer. Understanding the industry landscape will help you develop a winning bio strategy. No matter if you are a large or small corporation, an investor, or a policy maker, your time to find and connect with the right players in this emerging market is now!

Company Scouts

interested in understanding the startup landscape in order to acquire additional businesses or license technology


wanting to understand what area of synthetic biology are growing quickly and what trends we will see in the future

Policy Makers

needing an overview of the industry and its impact on global issues like climate change, disease control, agriculture, and others

Manufactoring & Consumer Firms

looking for new, sustainable, or more efficient ways to create their products
Our Industry Tours help you to clearly understand the field, the applications, tools and technologies as well as gain market intelligence and an updated perspective on the trends driving the industry forward.

General Industry Tour

Menlo Park, CA CA

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