About Us

SynBioBeta is the premier innovation network for biological engineers, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs who share a passion for using biology to build a better, more sustainable universe. We provide our community members with personal and professional development support, as well as valuable opportunities for partnership, collaboration, networking, and education.

We host The Global Synthetic Biology Summit in San Francisco in October each year, which showcases the cutting-edge developments in synthetic biology that are transforming how we fuel, heal, and feed the world. And we provide ample opportunities to meet and explore with the bright minds building the bioeconomy.

We're always looking to partner with dynamic organisations, and to strengthen partnerships between academia, industry and investors. We help scientists in large companies identify and form partnerships with synthetic biology startups. Companies that sponsor or exhibit at our events or advertise with us get exposure to our network of entrepreneurs and academic researchers.

Our Mission

Our goal at SynBioBeta is to bring together the Synthetic Biology industry by being a hub of information, publishing quality content that educates and informs, as well as hosting live events that foster networking and creativity by bringing together companies, thought leaders, and entrepreneurs who are united in their pursuit of a brighter future.

Our Team

John Cumbers

Founder & CEO

John Cumbers is the founder of SynBioBeta. John is passionate about education and on the use and adoption of biological technologies.

Kevin Costa

Editor & Program Manager

Kevin manages SynBioBeta’s editorial program and oversees SynBioBeta’s customer success efforts. Before joining SynBioBeta, Kevin helped to found the Engineering Biology Research Center, and for ten years he managed the Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center.

Anissa L. Cooke

Director Of Operations

Anissa comes to SynBioBeta with 20+ years experience in Sales, Customer Service and Operations. She came here to help work directly with our clients and deliver an excellent customer experience and grow our community.

Calvin Schmidt

Business Development Associate

Calvin Schmidt is a business development associate at SynBioBeta, the premier innovation network for biological engineers, investors, innovators and entrepreneurs who share a passion for using biology to build a better, more sustainable world.

Kristin Sorrentino

Administrative Manager

Kristin has over 25 years in administrative services. She supports SynBioBeta leadership in managing the day to day organization and operations of the company.

Amanda Prieto

Project & Marketing Manager

Amanda manages SynBioBeta’s marketing efforts, projects and events. She has a passion for graphic design and organization. She has over ten years of experience in design, writing and marketing.

Marianna Limas

Digital Media Manager

Marianna plays a critical role in displaying and communicating SynBioBeta’s message to the world. She manages SynBioBeta’s social media channels and newsletter, and works with the editorial, website, research and marketing teams.

Nikita Michelsen

Data & Communications Manager

Who We Are.

We are a team of creative minds that are committed to help build the future with biology. We believe synthetic biology is the answer to many issues we are facing today and want to help tell that story to the world. We bring together the leader in the industry and connect them to each other and the rest of the world. Join our journey.